The making of ‘South High: Fighting against the odds’ October 31, 2012

Star Tribune reporter Jason Gonzalez (@JGonStrib), photographer Jerry Holt (@jerry_holt) and I followed the South High football team during their 4-4 season. South High: Fighting against the Odds – Watch the full video on StarTribune.com. The South High Tigers weren’t an obvious target. They were an average team in the Minneapolis City Conference. However, there were two important elements that made the story great – access and characters. We knew the head coach, Lenny Sedlock, would be a great character…

Quamba’s townball tradition January 25, 2012

Stan Peterson resurrected the Quamba Cubs amateur baseball team in 1990 after a 24-year absence, bringing baseball back to a town with 98 people. Video by: McKenna Ewen Photography by: Jerry Holt © Star Tribune – Republished with Permission. This video originally appeared on StarTribune.com on June 15, 2011.